Let’s discuss GutterFoam’s competition.

GutterFoam is Sold In One Metre Lengths – this is a substantial savings in product when compared to the shorter 90cm lengths sold by most of our comeptitors

Selecting the right Gutter Protection System

Every supplier out there claims to have the best system.

This results in a lot of confusion and the ultimate decision can be   difficult and prove costly.

We’re here to help you make up your own mind.

Below we list what we consider are “must ask” questions that every homeowner should get answers to before selecting a gutter protection system.

  1. What is the cost/estimate you have been quoted and for how long is the quote valid?
    Gutter Foam is approx $14.00 per meter and sold in 1 meter lengths and is avail in 130mm, 150mm and 175mm.
  2. Assuming there is a warranty:
    What does it cover?
    How long does it apply for?
    Is it transferable to a new homeowner?
    Yes, you get a full 7 Year warranty , but we are sure that with its UV protection you will get many more years
  3. Is it a completely sealed system? Yes
    Are there any holes or openings that birds or other pests can get in under your roof? No
    Can mosquitoes breed in your gutters? No
  4. How does the company train, or oversee, their installers?
    It is easy DIY or we can send trained installers. Watch the video for installing hints and directions, on the website.
  5. Will the installation impact or disturb the structure of your roof in any way?
  6. Does the product install under your roofing material or is it fixed by screwing or glueing onto the roofing material?
    Yes it is installed under the roofing with no screws or glue and is not visible from the ground
  7. How much rain can the gutter protection handle?
    Gutter Foam is so porous it handles tropical storms, even New Caledonian storms!
  8. Is there a   guarantee that the  gutters won’t clog with accumulated debris?
    Pretty much, we have sold over 60 000 meters and no dissatisfied customers yet, but no gutter protection system is guaranteed to be completely clog free!
  9. If you need to remove the  product to clean it will your warranty still be valid for the gutter protection system, your existing gutter warranty and your existing roof warranty?
    GF does not.
  10. What type of maintenance, if any, is required?
    Minimal, the wind does the work as the leaves do not get trapped unlike the bottle brush product.
  11. How long have they been in business and how can you be sure they will be around to handle any service issues?
    We have been in business 5 years and are proudly 100% Kiwi owned and operated, and will be around for many year to come!
  12. Does the foam have a recess cut into it to avoid over-flowing issues?
    GutterFoam has a unique recess cut into the foam that is designed specifically to prevent the overflow of water into the eaves during heavy downpours.
  13. Is the product safe to use with a water tank (for drinking and washing purposes)?
    Yes, we are the only foam that is certified water tank friendly!


Throughout this website we talk about GutterFoam being the best gutter protection system in the country.

A brave call?

We think not because we truly believe that our product gives a positive reply to all the above questions.

Who Are GutterFoam’s Competition?

Gutter Whiskers.

This is probably New Zealand’s biggest seller based on awareness alone.
GutterFoam’s competition, Gutter Whiskers comes in 90cm lengths (whereas our product is sold in 1 meter lengths) and comprise a central wire core around which are twirled a series of spikes to make them look like cats whiskers.

These spikes then stop the leaves from entering the gutter but …

are they the “cat’s whiskers” of gutter protections systems?

Take a look for yourself.

Sure they stop the leaves but they don't release them
Sure they stop the leaves but they don’t release them
Gutter whiskers stops leaves but does not release them
Gutter whiskers stops leaves but does not release them

Clearly this is going to lead to problems down the track as the leaves build up and totally block the gutters – there is just no way for them to escape.
Installation is relatively easy but maintenace is a mission.  The whiskers become clogged with dirt and plant growth and cling tenaciously to the gutter.  Its probably quicker and easier to throw it all away and start again but that can be expensive.

Gutter Mesh

There are two types of gutter mesh – plastic and steel.

Both are externally fitted to cover over the top of the gutter.
The plastic mesh is either placed over the gutter or, like the metal one, screwed and sealed in.  This means making holes in your roof!


Gutter Mesh is generally 3 to 4 times as expensive as GutterFoam and in many cases costs as much as $80.00 per meter.  The bulk of these costs are due to the complicated and lengthy installation required.
Do they work?
Sure they do but not so well and maintenance is a whole new level of hassle.

Take a look …

The nice snug fit of GutterFoam's competition - Gutter mesh
Note installation requires screws and holes in your roof
Photo showing GutterFoam's competition gutter mesh and just how hard it is to maintain and clean
Clearly not very effective and hard to clean
Gutter mesh clearly isn't effective
What Gutter Mesh let through


A photo of gutter mesh showing just how difficult it is to clean.
Gutter mesh bent back, the gutter cleaned and now to screw it all down again – until next time when it all has to be repeated!


Once the gutters have been cleaned the mesh needs to be reinstalled with the screws/bolts resulting in a time consuming and expensive excercise.

Imagine having to do this on a regular basis.

Pine Needles

Mention “pine needles” to GutterFoam’s competition and they freeze like a hare in the headlights. Pine needles are the bain of all gutter protection systems.

None handle them as well as GutterFoam does.

Here is a series of photos that show how easy it is to clean them and how well the gutters are protected with GutterFoam.

Spouting after cleaning
Gutters cleaned before installing GutterFoam – note internal brackets

A neat and tidy finish with zero holes and no hassle to install
A neat and tidy finish with zero holes and no hassle to install

Now the pine needles are not only prevented from entering the gutter but are blown or washed off by wind and rain.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it.

See what the top gutter cleaner in Auckland has to say about GutterFoam’s competition.

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