Ideal for New Zealand

New Zealand  has a lot of rain, wind and snow.

Ironically, far from being a hindrance, wind actually helps Gutter Foam to be effective.

Leaves and debris that are blown on to your roof and subsequently land up blocking your gutters and downpipes are effectively stopped by Gutter Foam.

But …

Unlike some leaf-blocking systems Gutter foam does NOT result in the leaves/debris getting trapped and accumulating to form a Beaver type dam-wall .



Gutterfoam allows the water to flow though while the leaves continue over the edge


No sirree …

GutterFoam’s Superior Design


GutterFoam’s superior design prevents leaves and debris entering your gutters.

Unwanted debris and leaves are unable to enter below the level of the GutterFoam and their momentum carries them over the edge of the gutters or the wind eventually blows them off. Leaves and debris will not become entrapped within the foam.

The result is that maintenance on your gutters is reduced to almost zero.

We know of no system that is completely maintenance free – fine dust particles will eventually find their way through even our great product and you will need to do minimal maintenance once in a while; how often will vary with each house and area.  High dust areas will require more regular maintenance than others.

However we can assure you that no matter where you live your gutter maintenance will be substantially less than what it currently is.

Gutter Foam at Work With Snow

Snow can do a fair amount of damage to your gutters as it piles up and puts pressure (weight) on the supporting brackets.

The build up of snow is a result of the snow not being able to easily escape from the gutter.
As the snow melts more snow is added on top at the problem is continuous until fine weather sets in.

Snow finding its way down to gutter foam has more chance of simply going over the edge as it never accumulates in the gutter itself.


With GutterFoam the melting snow is quickly dispersed


As the snow melts the water drains through the foam and is on its way with no further hindrance or blockages.

GutterFoam keeps the drains free of any snow accummulating in the gutter itself.


Maintenance is easy as


You will recall how easy it is to install GutterFoam and maintenence is almost as easy.

Simply brush (or blow) off any debrs sitting on top of the foam, pull the foam out and check the gutters.

If the gutters have any traces of unwanted material simply remove it and replace the foam as before.

With the foam out it is a good idea to check the foam and run a powerful blast of water through it to make it as good as new before reinstalling.

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