Stop Leaves Entering Gutters

Gutter protection systems stop leaves entering gutters.

Preventing leaves from entering the gutter ensures that rain water is able to escape along the gutter and down the drainpipe exactly as intended.

Problems arise when the leaves are stopped but not able to exit from the gutters.

Stop leaves? Yes but ineffective

Expensive Repair

This can result in the spouting becoming blocked and the water finding a way round, over or through – sometimes with drastic and expensive results. The gutters may fall off!

GutterFoam works differently in that it stops the leaves entering the spouting but does not stop the leaves from contimuing on their way and falling off the roof. See image below.

Stops Leaves which are then naturally blown away
Leaves are naturally blown off

Gutters remain clean and clear. Leaves and debris slide off the surface or just dry up and blow away.

The very elements, wind and rain, that cause the problems we solve are also responsible for making GutterFoam work so effectively.
Our product is ideal for New Zealand’s continuously changing and harsh conditions.

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