Stop Leaves Entering Gutters

Gutter  protection systems  stop leaves (and other debris) entering spouting/gutters.

Preventing leaves from entering the gutter ensures that rain water is able to escape along the gutter and down the drainpipe exactly as intended.

Problems arise when the leaves are stopped but not able to exit from the gutters.

Stop leaves? Yes but ineffective
Expensive Repair

This can result in the spouting becoming blocked and the water finding a way round, over or through – sometimes with drastic and expensive results.

GutterFoam works differently in that it stops the leaves entering the spouting but does not stop the leaves from contimuing on their way and falling off the roof. See image below.

Stops Leaves which are then naturally blown away
Leaves are naturally blown off

The very elements, wind and rain, that cause the problems we solve are also responsible for making GutterFoam work so effectively.
Our product is ideal for New Zealand’s continously changing and harsh conditions.

GutterFoam Will Stop Leaves and Protect Your Home in Other Ways

Birds and Rodents Nesting.
GutterFoam is extremely strong and resilient and besides being able to stop leaves will also stop birds and rodents.
Install GutterFoam before breeding season starts to ensure birds and rodents  head off to easier nesting places.

Water Collected for Drinking.
GutterFoam contains no chemical or other harmful residue, having been stringently tested and approved for drinking water.

Rainwater collected with the Gutterfoam system in place is 100% safe as per the following letter received from Dr. Travis Robinson of  Simmonds and Bristow the water specialist who tested GutterFoam.


This letter confirms that the Gutter Foam Leachate Water Quality Analysis conducted 23rd to the 24th November 2014 demonstrated that the use of the foam in gutters will result in water that is suitable for human or animal consumption.

The water quality complies with the following national and international guidelines:

 National Health and Medical Research Council’s Australian Drinking Water Guidelines – 2011 (ADWG);

 Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality 2000 compiled by the Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council (ANZECC) and the Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand (ARMCANZ);

and  World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking Water 2011, 4th edition.

We trust this is suitable for your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned should you have any enquiries, or if we can be of further assistance to you.

Yours Sincerely


Dr Travis Robinson BEnvMan (Hon) PhD”


UV Resistant.
GutterFoam is UV resistant and will not break down over time. Gutter protection that breaks down becomes inefffective messy and an expensive item to remove and replace.
Best to do things right from the “get-go”.

There you have it folks – GutterFoam not only stops leaves from entering your spouting, it is designed to have them continue on their way to avoid blockages.
It’s unique material and design has many added advantages as listed.

Did I mention Peace of Mind?

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