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The GutterFoam Advantage

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Working with GutterFoam is simple, there are no screws, holes, clips or silicone involved, so no risk of damage to gutters or roofing during or after installation.

Most importantly GutterFoam filter inserts have been tried, tested and proven to be the most cost-effective barrier against leaves, seeds, bird nests and other debris entering gutters or downpipes of commercial buildings and schools, it is simple to install and simple to uninstall for gutter maintenance or repairs.

Refer to our ‘products’ section to view the current range of profiles we make, if you have a different profile we can custom make a special GutterFoam filter insert to match and fit your specific profile.


“After years of trying to stop Starlings crawling under the corrugated roofing iron to build nests inside and under the roof, I was finally able to stop them by installing GutterFoam. The Foam fits snugly inside the gutters and under the ridges of corrugated roofing making access impossible for the Starlings. Previously I tried Gutter Whiskers, Gutter Spikes and sound repellents in the roof, all failed to deter these persistent birds, but GutterFoam stopped them.”

– Reg Turner, Nelson


Your GutterFoam Advantage:

Property owners, building managers and body corporates should feel confident they have the most effective gutter protection and management system available today.

GutterFoam has developed a track record of marketplace performance over eight years. It simply works by design.

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA - OCTOBER 6 2019: Passengers and cars in front of Departure hall of Bratislava airport terminal (Slovakia)

Market Leading Technology

  • Open cell Polyether foam
  • High porous filters for high water flow
  • Rainwater collection tested & approved
  • UV protected & fire resistant

GutterFoam Performance

  • Prevents leaf/debris build-up
  • Inhibits mosquitos & wasps breeding in gutters
  • Meets international water safety guidelines
  • GutterFoam is safe for drinking water 
Bucklands Beach Courts (3)

“I have been using GutterFoam in my professional capacity as a gutter-specialist for many years. I find it is advantageous where my client’s gutters and valleys are hard to reach. GutterFoam has proven to be a superior product where gutter and valley dimensions run irregular or are too wide for other products to give adequate protection or when leaf debris is very fine."

– Andy Spierer, ABC Gutters.


When considering alternative methods of gutter management and protection it is important to realise that every system on the market requires maintenance, because fine and small debris penetrates the various mesh, bristle or covered systems out there.

It’s a matter of how much small debris gets through that determines how frequent maintenance is required.

GutterFoam filters trap debris more effectively due to the open cell polyether structure preventing all but the finest sand and dirt from penetrating the filters.

Larger leaves/debris remain on top and will be mostly blown away by the wind after it dries out, or it gets removed during maintenance.