GutterFoam Used As Pest Control

While the primary function of GutterFoam may be thought to keep gutters from clogging up, there are a number of other advantages to installing a good gutter protection system.

Pest control is one such advantage with numerous customers seeking solutions to a variety of pest hazards – some that surprised us.

The most common are:

Debris clogging gutters and downpipes create their own mini eco-system. These are a continual hazard not only to your health but also to the maintenance and protection of your home.

GutterFoam solves these ongoing problems.

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Good morning Mel. We have them licked. The last three days, after trying to get underneath the gutter foam ,the starlings have given up. Should you ever want an endorsement of your product, regarding starlings and repelling them, I will be pleased to oblige .  Regards, Reg