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7 year

Performance Warranty


Customer Satisfaction on 200,000m sold

The only foam certified as


It's simple and it works, by design!



Developed using open cell polyether foam


Protects your

Prevents debris from entering and clogging your gutter



Suitable to fit all gutters


Gutter Protection System

Whether you’re in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or anywhere in between, our gutter protection solutions are simple to buy online and easy to install.

Developed using open cell polyether foam the GutterFoam filter concept is unique.​

It creates a barrier and a water filter that prevents small and large debris from entering and clogging the gutters and downpipes of homes and outbuildings.​

Our gutter protection and filtration system stops wasps and mosquitoes from breeding in gutters.

4 in 1 gutter guard


Prevents Debris

GutterFoam provides a barrier for sticks, leaves and other mullock to enter your gutters. Cleaning is made easy, as the wind blows the debris away for you!


Stop birds nesting

With GutterFoam installed it is difficult for birds to find areas in your gutter suitable for nesting.


Stop mosquitoes and insects breeding

By having your gutters clear of debris and nests, there is little space for pooling of waters that would encourage mosquitos and insects to find breeding grounds.


Clean drinking water

The UV protection technology used in the production of GutterFoam allows the water that passes through it to remain safe for home use and human consumption.

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