Gutter Protection Systems for Leaf & Bird Stop

Now With Over 100,000 Meters of GutterFoam Sold

More homes are being protected every month with GutterFoam as we expand throughout New Zealand. GutterFoam has proved successful in reducing mosquito population - or at least stopping them from breeding in home gutters.  Mosquitoes thrive and breed in stagnant pools of water that have accumulated in gutters and other places. Why not send them to other places away from your home and loved ones? We have had New Zealand schools install GutterFoam to prevent tennis balls getting stuck in downpipes and causing untold damage.

"Continuous Spouting NZ's largest spouting installer, is proud to be associated with Gutter Foam as the preferred gutter protection we install. The discreet product works perfectly for our spouting and we are proud to recommend Gutter Foam"


  • Gutter foam is by far the superior product when it comes to gutter protection it is the only product Peninsula Property Wash will recommend to keep even the smallest of debris from entering and clogging up your gutters and down pipes.

    Happy Customer
    Owner/Operator Peninsula Property Wash Ltd
  • Having washed over 40,000 properties in Auckland in the past 19 years including thousands of gutters we did lot of research before selecting Gutter Foam as our ONLY gutter protection product, We only recommend/supply and install Gutter Foam to our clients.

    Mark Ridling
    Owner/Manager - The House & Building wash Company Ltd
  • When it comes to choosing the right product for complete gutter protection, the choice is easy! GutterFoam & GuttaFilta are unique and superior products. These only gutter protection systems that we use and recommend for all our customers. With numerous installations of GutterFoam & GuttaFilta over the years, we can say, without hesitation that we find these products to be the most reliable and cost effective gutter guard system on the market.

    AGS Roofing Tauranga
    Owner - Roofing Company
  • After years of trying to stop Starlings crawling underneath the corrugated roofing iron to build nests inside and under the roof, I was finally able to stop them by inserting Gutter Foam. GutterFoam fits snugly inside the gutters and the ridges of corrugated roofing iron making access impossible for the Starlings. Previously I tried Gutter Whiskers, Gutter Spikes, chicken wire, and sound repellents in the roof. All failed to deter these very persistent birds . Gutter Foam stopped them.
    Reg Turner
    Happy Customer
  • Hi Barry, Many thanks for the great product and service. I have just paid the invoice for the second lot of GutterFoam and valley foam as ordered on Monday. Can't wait to see it all finished on my house looks amazing!!! No more pine needle problems.

    Jack from Auckland
    Happy Customer
  • This is a great product that has proved to be a total success in our situation and our only wish is that we had come across Gutter Foam years earlier. Super easy to install, the product has worked for all offending leaf types and reduced my maintenance to the occasional brush off the top when the larger leaves sitting on the top appear unsightly. The product has not deteriorated in any way and looks like it did when first installed.

    Living in the bush in the Waitakere Ranges our house is dominated by large Rimu, Kanuka and Rewa. All differing leaf structures they presented the same problem in different ways where no one solution appeared to work for all three leaf types.

    We tried a brush / whisker type of gutter protection. The Rimu got caught in the whiskers and the Ti-Tree leaf found its way through the whiskers. The result was more work cleaning out the whiskers than it was cleaning out the gutters on a regular basis. It became clear we had to scrap the whiskers style of gutter protection.

    Maurice from Henderson, Auckland
    Happy Customer
  • Hello Barry, We have had GuttaFilta foam in our gutters for nearly a year now and we are very happy with the results. Before GuttaFilta foam was fitted, the falling leaves and pods from a large liquid amber tree next to the house would block the gutters and downpipes, causing water overflows and water weighing down the gutters. We have no more overflow problems. The fitting of the foam was easy and did not damage my gutters or roof.

    Charmaine from Auckland
    Happy Customer
  • Hi Barry, My blocked gutters and downpipes are a thing of the past! My neighbours have trees and shrubs and the wind continually dumps leaves onto our roof. Last year we had overflowing gutters on the second storey level. It cost me several hundred dollars to get the right people to clean out all the rubbish in the gutters and clear the downpipes and drains! This year we have had no such drama with the GuttaFilta fitted. I have told my friends and family about your products and will keep in touch with regards to any other gutter protection requirements I may have.

    Happy Customer
  • Hello Mel, For many years I have lived under the tyranny of Totara trees and their small needle like leaves. In a two story house I had to get up at least 4 times a year to clean the gutters out and more times than that to clear the downpipes. I tried every gimmick you can find and nothing has matched the gutter protection foam from GuttaFilta. The leaves just sit on top of the foam and get either washed off in the heavy rain or just blown off in drier weather. In the 6 months since I have installed the gutter foam I have not had to worry about the gutters at all. Particularly in the recent deluges we have had here in Auckland. I would be more than happy to provide a verbal reference should one be required.

    Happy Customer
  • Hi Barry, We are very pleased with the gutter foam we recently got from you, it has solved the problem of the rain noise in the steel gutter, was easy to install and you were very helpful and quick to respond and get it to us promptly. so thankyou very much!
    Gay Bainbridge - Waihi
    Happy Customer
  • We are supremely pleased with the result of using your Gutterfoam at our two houses on The Firth of Thames. Excellent result. Our water us the best it has ever been. Hope business is good Barry.
    Phil Fry
    Happy Customer