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Choose the correct GutterFoam for your home



Use GF130


Half Round

Use GF130


OG Classic

Use GF130


Quarter Round

Use GF130

You need 2 measurements (A,B), the length of the gutter and the width of the gutter. o Marley, Classic, Half Round, Quarter Round or Box.

A is the vertical height of the rear side of the gutter.
B is the open top width measurement of the gutter, fascia to front lip of gutter. And of course measure the length of the gutters – the lineal measure.

Gutter Foam was developed for use in New Zealand in 2011.

Yes you can.
Climbing on roofs & up ladders are high risk areas – consider using a qualified installer.
Make sure that the ladder or platform you will be working off is safe and secure.
Clean out the gutters & down-pipes with a scoop, brush and running water. This makes sure that they are free of leaves, debris and sludge.

Gutter Foam will stop all debris and leaves blocking the gutters.
Fine tile dust and pollen will be able to make their way into the Foam.
As required, these fine particles will need to be shaken or washed out.

Pine needles cannot penetrate the Foam. The needles will form a mat on the roof and the top of the Foam and gutters. The rainwater will run through this mat, through the Foam and into the clean gutter on the way to the down-pipes.

GutterFoam is extremely adaptable and can be cut and shaped to suit small gutters.

Gutter Foam comes with a 7 year product warranty. We also offer a 12 month money back satisfaction guarantee. (Full Warranty available for download off this Website)

For failure of product only.
Limited to original cost of product.
Where a valid and authenticated claim is made by a consumer pursuant to a twelve month money-back warranty, arising from manufacturing defect in the Product, the Retail Price (exclusive of installation and/or cleaning costs).
Provided that in no case will the Supplier’s liability for the cost of repairing the Product or replacing it exceeded the Retail Price.
Does not cover cost of removal.
Does not cover cost of dumping.
Does not apply at all if installed incorrectly.
Does not apply when neglected to inefficiency.
Does not apply if gutters are not cleaned correctly prior to installation.

Gutter Foam sits snugly into your gutter so there are no visible signs unless the vantage point is high enough to see into the gutters.

Gutter Foam is UV protected from the suns heat and radiation. The UV additive is used in the same manner as with paint. Gutter Foam has survived 2000 hours of direct sunlight, heat and humidity in an Accelerated weather testing facility at Auckland University. Equivalent to a period of 6 years natural weathering. The foam insert retained its integrity and showed no signs of breaking down. It has an approximate 10 Year life.

It is our experience in NZ over the past 8 years, that GutterFoam repels vermin. The Foam barrier is enough to prevent pests and birds from nesting in gutters.
Gutter Foam fits tight into the gutter and stops mozzies breeding in water in the gutters. It inhibits the development of larvae by keeping the mosquitoes away from any ponding water.
Gutter Foam takes up most of the gap between your roof line and your gutter assisting to block off the cavity where vermin gain access to your roof space.

Gutter Foam is 98% air and only retains a small % of the water that passes through it and only for a short period before it dries - it’s much too porous to hold significant water weight. When gutters sag or collapse it’s usually from the weight of water and debris trapped in the gutters because of clogging.

Gutter Foam is preferred by Roofing & Guttering Contractors because it needs no nails, screws or messy silicones to hold it in place and it will not void your roof & gutter warranty. It allows homeowners to gain easy access to their gutters without damaging their gutters or roofs.

Much depends on the efficiency of the spouting system, the pitch of the roof, the volume of rainfall, the size of your gutter in relation to the catchment area of your roof and the efficiency of your down pipes. Generally, because Gutter Foam keep your gutters clear of debris, your gutters are far less likely to overflow with Foam than without it.

Regular maintenance will support the efficiency of Gutter Foam and greatly reduce the need for messy gutter cleaning. Leaves will gather on top of the Foam and these will need to be removed periodically for Gutter Foam to work at maximum efficiency. Some build-up of debris will not affect the performance of the Foam. We recommend you cast a regular eye over the Foam and if it is showing signs of clogging, that you take the precaution of removing the Foam – by blowing the leaves off, or hosing them off. In some instances you may need to remove the Foam and shake out the gathered debris. Experience to this point in time suggests that there is no reason to have to shake the foam out – simply blow the leaves off the foam insert as needed – and more regularly if in a high leaf fall area. Gutter Foam can be hosed and will dry quickly in full sunlight. In areas where Gutter Foam does not get sustained sunlight it will take longer to dry.

If the correct GutterFoam shape is fitted to your gutter and is installed correctly they will not blow out of your gutters in strong winds. In fact the wind is GutterFoams best friend, as it blows the debris off the Foam.

Rain water is not affected by passing through the foam insert. Testing confirms that nothing leaches out of the foam that is harmful to humans, animals or the marine environment.

The product has undergone rigorous testing against the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Australian & New Zealand Drinking Water Guidelines 2011 (ADWG); the Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council (ANZECC) Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Supply; and World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking Water 2011, 4th Edition.

Our advice is, because Gutter Foam is designed to keep your gutters clear of tree debris and not pollutants or other impurities, always get professional advice on your drinking water quality.

Gutter Foam is around $16.00 per meter and sold in 1 meter lengths. As GutterFoam is supplied in different sizes, the price may vary accordingly. Quotes are valid for 30 days.

How to measure your home

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