The story of our NZ gutter protection solutions company

GutterFoam was founded in April 2012 by two friends, Barry Morgan and Mel Clements. The initial idea came from Barry who was working for Kowhai Roofing at the time. He had noticed that foam protection products for gutters weren’t available in the New Zealand market, despite being very popular in North America.

Having identified the gap in the market, GutterFoam was formed and they quickly began importing Gutterfilta from Australia. The product worked well but proved to be relatively expensive.

Rainhead & Gutter Grey Lynn School_JPG

A further market analysis led the founders to Pugfoam, an importer of foam products. The Pugfoam product was more cost-effective and would prove much better suited to the New Zealand conditions. Modifications were made to the composition and profiles and the product range was expanded to better meet the needs of the market. Pugfoam was eventually purchased and folded into GutterFoam.

The new GutterFoam roof gutter protection cover product range is highly effective and versatile. In addition to keeping leaves and debris out of gutters and downpipes, it is an excellent bird stop and prevents insects and mosquitoes from nesting. In the winter, it stops snow from building up in gutters and the resulting damage it can cause.


Perhaps best of all, the innovative profile has made it an efficient first-level filter for water collection without compromising drinking water quality. It is laboratory tested, certified and approved for the capture of drinking water.

GutterFoam has now been in operation for 10+ years and served over a thousand residential and commercial customers with our trustworthy gutter protection technology. We offer every customer peace of mind with our 7-year product warranty and enjoy an excellent reputation for great service and customer satisfaction. Best of all, you can buy gutter guards online.

“I have this already! Love it - makes life so much easier.”

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