Easy to install

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Watch this short video for guided instruction on how to install Gutterfoam successfully on your own home. 

  1. Use a safe ladder or platform to work from 

  2. Clean the interior of the Gutters and Valleys 

  3. Insert the sharp end of the foam into the front lip of the gutter 

  4. Compress/squeeze the foam to fit under the roof edge

  5. Release the foam to achieve a snug, flat foam surface between the front lip of the gutter and the roof edge

  6. Cut foam to straddle on top of the brackets or cut foam to fit bracket to bracket with any sharp knife/box cutter

  7. The foam should not be fitted so as to impede water flow 

  8. Tuck rectangular Valley foam in between roof edges

Notes ​

If your gutters have internal support brackets that are low in the gutters you may need to cut the underside of the GutterFoam with a sharp knife at the point of each internal bracket. The Foam will straddle the bracket. 

Tools Required
  • Sharp box knife or a sharp kitchen knife & tape measure.

  • Gloves are necessary to save your hands and fingers from being cut on the sharp edges of the roof and gutter.