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Easy to install

Just a reminder :

  • GutterFoam filters come in one-metre lengths, so measure the total length of your gutters to ensure you order the correct amount. 

  • Be sure to choose the correct GutterFoam product size for your gutter profile.

Watch this short video for guided instruction on how to install Gutterfoam successfully on your own home. 

Step 1 : Cleaning

  • Climbing on roofs & up ladders are high-risk areas – consider using a qualified installer.

  • Make sure that the ladder or platform you will be working off is safe and secure.

  • Clean out the gutters & down-pipes with a scoop, brush and running water. This makes sure that they are free of leaves, debris and sludge.

  • Make sure that your gutters are clipped into the brackets and have the correct fall towards the down pipe outlets. Incorrect fall to the down-pipes will impede the performance of any spouting system.

Step 2 : Installation

  • Be safe, use a stable platform or ladder.

  • Choose the correct product size for the gutter profile.

  • Internal corners of the spouting system are mostly cramped due to the valley tray protrusion from the roof into the gutter space. DO NOT squash the foam into the corner and underneath the valley tray. Cut the Foam to sit on the sides of the valley tray.

  • Do not tuck the Foam underneath brackets. Go over or cut to fit between the brackets.

  • For all corners, a mitre diagonal join is necessary to ensure good water flow.

Notes ​

If your gutters have internal support brackets that are low in the gutters you may need to cut the underside of the GutterFoam with a sharp knife at the point of each internal bracket. The Foam will straddle the bracket. 

Tools Required
  • Sharp box knife or a sharp kitchen knife & tape measure.

  • Gloves are necessary to save your hands and fingers from being cut on the sharp edges of the roof and gutter.

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